The Uncanny Doom Service

by Doom Service

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Recorded over March - November 2017 at Flea Garden Audio, Plattsburgh NY | The Office Collective, S. Burlington, VT | HMS, Seattle, WA


released April 7, 2018

Engineering & Mixing by: Joe Cross at Flea Garden Audio
Additional Vocal Tracks Recorded by: Phil Jones at HMS in Seattle, WA
Produced by: Joe Cross & Doom Service
Mastering by: Sun Room Audio

Songs by: Doom Service
Lyrics by Jeff Foran on tracks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10
Lyrics by Roy Larsen on tracks: 2, 6

Artwork by: Tom Lowell
Layout by: Jeff Foran

Jeff Foran - Vocals / Guitars
Matt Cassani - Guitars / Back-up Vocals
Tyler Daniel Bean - Bass / Back-up Vocals
Benjamin Cobane - Drums

Guest vocals by: Jon Berg, Ruston Fettig, Justin Gonyea, Matthew Kimball, Brian LaClair


all rights reserved



Doom Service Burlington, Vermont

Called "an unkillable party machine" by Seven Days, Doom Service is an ever growing group of friends playing the kind of music they grew up listening to. Drawing most of their influences from the 1990’s, they write gruff punk songs whose oddly melodic hooks might just propel you into the twilight zone. ... more

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Track Name: The Curse of the Doom Service
It’s a false start when we fall apart
Wait your turn or maybe draw the short straw
When you fall down the stairs
When that small pain flares
It will hold us down and break our souls

Diagnosis through the eye
Tearing ankles when you slip on the ice
It’s only a matter of time
Until we have to tow that line

The curse brings us down
Stay on board or get out of town
The curse throws us down
Leave and don’t hang around

Living in your bed wonder if you’re alive or dead
Broken bones heavy as lead
You gotta wonder is it all in our heads
Run away before your muscles shred
We gotta move along so we can keep on singing these songs

And I can’t believe that we’re still alive
Track Name: Ectocooler
Thrown to wolves
Left to fend for ourselves
I can’t believe this happened
Left to our own devices

Call it destiny
Call it fate
Everything happens for reasons I don’t know

We'll make our own luck
Forging forward never looking back
Trains going forward
Never going to stop

You told us no
Now everything is fucked!
I can’t believe this happened
Whoa something's coming

Without you we’re fixing everything
Stepping in, ruining things you don’t know
Out of your element, telling us what to do
Turn it off, bite your head off

Get out!
Track Name: Jurassic Bark
And we fall apart, as we fade away
We can’t turn back, jumping to the gateway
Making space for us chasing our reveries
And we all hold it up drowning in the memories

It’s all about the distance beneath your hardened skin
We’re taking turns before we bury it
Just wait here until I come back
Lost in time until we forget

Without a trace
Part of the plan
I can’t see where this ends

Turn down the gravity, figure out the loop
Of why we exist, an aspect of the truth
We should kick back while we are here
Not take for granted before we disappear
Track Name: Miner Forty-Niner
On a dark and stormy night
When you get lost and full of fright
The danger has no consequence
When you lose focus on the lens

Crawling in and out of my head
Surrounded by faces of the dead
In a scheme that followed me home
Lost and waiting all alone

Lost and gone for good!
Seeking truth that will explode
There’s nothing else that I can do
With ghostly echoes coming for you

Shaking my teeth down to my feet
A two way mirror is all I see
I just want to make it stop
I don’t want to die in the back of my mind

When we finally have all the answers
We’ll get the drop on it and say, “We’ve had enough!”
Track Name: Nothing Important
Prototype program
That’s sworn to secrecy
Part of the plan no one can see
Shadows kill for it all to begin

Origins in the storm, an ancient code written in stone
Abduction, infection, return and transform
Soon the son will decide our fate
They look like us, but they are not us

And I can’t find (no ones watching)
A reason why (behind closed doors)
Is this the end? (to colonize)
Or will we survive? (this is the end)

Impossible strength hard to defeat
Created by horror, malice and greed
The mythos rendered in the past
Throws you far and smashes the glass
The next step in the conspiracy

Cut off the head, push underwater
So afraid, but I don’t want to
Be held down and die tonight
So I can live and fight the future
Track Name: Monsters are Due on Maple Street
I’m running
Running as far and as fast as I can
Running from everything I was
My legs are getting tired, muscles pumping acid
Gotta keep moving

Monsters, come for you!

Monsters, coming from every corner
Coming to drag me down to their level
Can’t keep on fighting
I’m running and fighting, gotta keep moving
Track Name: Collider
Recreate ten million degrees
Particle map of ancient debris
It’s not the doomsday that will tear us apart
Existence is the only gain from the start

Some say there is a secret
And if I cared about that now
The sky will break
The land will sink into oblivion

Flip on the switch to the experiment
My mind is unclear, overdue on the rent
Beneath the borders of space and time
Export the limits on the company dime

Trap my heart in the letter
Fold in half and forget to remember
Have we seen better days?
Its always on the back of my mind

Perfect storm, target inbound
Theories to make your head go around
Now you’re gone and we’re still here
Nothings changed face in the clear

General purpose of the atlas, isn’t
A road map to the end
These late-night talks and cosmic rays
Bring me back to better days
Track Name: The Other Iron Sheik
Feeling trapped in my own brain tonight
It’s the last time I’ll ever do it again
Choke slam and choked out in your sleep
Overreaching, it starts take over me

Clutching on to my life
When I can’t feel nothing at all
Meeting my end tonight
Jump the bar and twist the knife

Maybe things will work out, maybe things will end right
Loss and tragedy like sinking ships at sea
Speaking on terms to make it eventually
Once it’s all over, don’t feel sorry for me

Wake up from your awful dreams tonight
Dying to get out and decide
Rise out from the nothingness you see
Don’t you ever feel sorry for me
Track Name: Please Explain to Me the Scientific Nature of the Whammy
Car crash! It's the end of the line
Pushing the minds with any urgency you like
Staging a scene to make your escape
Cerulean blue is nothing but a fake

Can someone please explain to me the scientific nature of the whammy?

You don’t want to call it off
You don’t want to acknowledge the loss
When you’re almost out of time
Is it about the process or the crime?

Douse yourself in gasoline
Light the match to get clean
A hall pass will cover you, when a heart attack is tried and true
We can’t see what you do to me when my friends become the enemy

Can someone explain to me?
Track Name: Coast-to-Ghost
And it happened fast
When I opened my eyes and looked on past the glass
No one would believe, telling you constantly
That I couldn't explain it now while you look the other way

Watch it transverse
I don’t think you know
Yeah, I’ll just make it worse
We’re not the first to let it go

Counting back from ten
Reliving our lives going back again
Cut through the shadows and history
That’s on my path and trajectory

Listening when the grim wind blows
Or are you throwing stones?
When it hides its tracks well
You won’t believe your eyes

I can’t go back to this
Flowing water and the hair standing on my neck
Stepping back to unearthly screams
I pinch my arm wake me up from this dream
I once heard in times like these
The abyss will stare back at me

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